Tender Document Description

What is a Tender Document?

Description and overview of our Tender Documents

A tender document is used when acquiring a fixed price for works, services and products provided by a company or individual. If you require works to be carried out or are seeking to obtain particular services or products then you would invite the relevant company or individual to submit a tender, i.e. they would Tender for a Contract. The details of what you require are provided to whomever you ask to submit a tender, prices can then be gathered and each tender reviewed before placing an order.
In the construction industry a tender document will be used to detail various works that are required for a project and here we provide free to use Tender Templates and Tender Examples for you to download. These tender documents are totally free to use in any manner and are designed to be easily used by both experts and novices alike.

Tendering and the Tenders Documents

Pre Tender & Research Tender

The examples and templates currently available relate to construction processes only. More will be added covering all the major tender documents for various niches and procedures.

Our Construction Tender Documents.

In order to make your Tender Documents you will need to know the various stages and procedures of your build. The major ones are listed however these may need to be modified, removed or added depending on the works being carried out. The easiest way to work out your information is to do a lot of tender research on the works on site and detail what is required, show what is needed and refer to manufacturer's guidelines and best practices if necessary.